What Should Landlords Look for When Choosing an Omaha Property Management Company? - Article Banner

Choosing an Omaha property management partner is pretty serious. 

Whether you’re renting out a single property or an entire portfolio, you need to trust that your property manager can not only lease, manage, and maintain your property, but also help you make smart decisions about how to grow your investment and enjoy better outcomes. You need an experienced professional who knows the local Omaha rental market and is willing to leverage relationships, resources, and expertise in order to help you have a better investment experience. 

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a property manager. Here’s what landlords like you should look for when you’re choosing someone to provide the residential management services you need. 

High Energy, Hands-On Property Management Experts 

You want to work with a property management team that has the capacity and the energy to keep up with your property, your residents, and your investment goals. Experience is important. You need local experts who understand the industry and its best practices. But, you don’t want to work with people who are stuck in old, stagnant ways of doing things.  

Look for curiosity. Look for enthusiasm and passion for your investment goals and the plans you have for your current rental properties. Look for a partner who can help you grow as an investor. 

A hands-on property manager has systems and processes in place that are consistent, proven, and effective when it comes to:

  • Marketing your property
  • Screening your tenants 
  • Negotiating lease agreements
  • Conducting inspections
  • Collecting rent and enforcing the lease
  • Scheduling maintenance
  • Managing lease renewals
  • Working with residents 

Systems and procedures are important, but so is flexibility. You need a customized management plan that fits your unique needs and those of your investment property. 

Talk about the challenges you’ve had with your property and even with former property managers. If you’re investing from outside of Omaha, you’ll want to know you have a local presence. This delivers peace of mind. 

In-House Maintenance Prioritizes Your Property

Maintenance is an excellent reason to work with professional Omaha property managers. 

Trying to maintain a rental property on your own can be frustrating and expensive. It’s difficult to find vendors who are willing to take on new clients; there’s a labor shortage and higher prices to work around. When you’re choosing a property manager, choose a professional who can deliver exceptional maintenance services for affordable prices. 

We have our own in-house maintenance team, which is a huge benefit to the owners and investors we work with. It also helps us provide better customer service to our residents, who enjoy a responsive approach to even minor repairs. 

In-house maintenance through your property management companies means you can count on:

  • Easy and flexible scheduling. You don’t have to wait for a plumber or HVAC technician to make time for you. Our maintenance personnel focuses solely on the properties we manage. 
  • Cost-effective, high-quality work. Gathering bids and choosing vendors can be time-consuming and challenging. Our in-house team provides savings to our owners, and you get the best work for the best prices. 

Not every property manager in Omaha has in-house maintenance. It’s not a requirement when you’re hiring a property management company, but it definitely helps us deliver the best repairs for the lowest prices. We can respond immediately to emergencies and work with you and your residents to put a plan for preventative maintenance into place, protecting the condition and value of your asset. 

Innovative Technology and Responsive Communication 

As you’re searching for a property manager, prioritize technology. You need a management team that’s willing to invest in good technology. It helps us to manage your property with more efficiency, accuracy, and transparency. Technology helps us market your home across multiple platforms. It allows us to collect data that are necessary to establish a rental value. We use technology to manage showings, collect rent electronically, and create inspection reports. 

Relationships require communication, and technology can help deliver better communication. You’ll want a property management company that provides an online portal for both residents and owners. In your portal, you should be able to see when rent was paid, review maintenance invoices, view lease agreements and other documentation, and access financial reports and accounting information. You can also send messages to your property manager. 

In the tenant portal, your residents will be able to pay rent online, request routine maintenance electronically, and access resources that they may need while living in your property. They can reach their property managers as well, with any questions or concerns.  

Look for a willingness to modernize when you’re looking for an Omaha property management company. 

Risk Management and Investment Protection 

Protect Investment PropertyYou need your property manager to protect you and your investment property. Make sure you’re working with someone who knows the local, state, and federal rental laws. A good property manager will understand fair housing laws and apply them to the marketing, screening, and management process. Your property manager should also understand the laws around eviction, security deposits, and habitability. Things change frequently, so you’ll want to know they have a plan for staying up to date on all the laws. Do they know the difference between a pet and a service animal and a therapy dog? 

Additionally, you need a management partner that protects you from tenant disputes, claims, and lawsuits. What kind of plans do they have in place to keep your rental home safe and compliant with all laws and regulations? How often are they inspecting the property? How well do they document what the home looks like before a tenant moves in and after they move out? 

Renting out a property in Omaha is a great way to earn consistent and recurring rental income. When you keep the property well-maintained and occupied by great residents, you can also begin to build wealth over the long term.  

It isn’t easy, however, and hiring a property manager who has the experience, energy, and systems in place to help you succeed will make a big difference. Make sure you’re working with the best. Contact us at Kouri Management when you’re looking for Omaha property management. We provide expert leasing, management, and maintenance services in Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa.