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Full Service Property Management Plans for Council Bluffs & Omaha

Kouri Management offers full service property management plans and takes full responsibility for the operations of your property.

Full Service Property Management Pricing

Additional Services

Building Systems Consulting

Building Systems and Equipment as a whole do not “wear out” or “get too old”, specific failures occur that can usually be repaired. We are here to help you dig deeper and find the REAL problem with your building systems. We will show you the full picture so you can make an informed business decision. In a society that leans increasingly towards replacement and away from repair, we are here to be your partner in navigating failures in large building systems

Finding service providers and walking the project with them
Proposal Gathering
Project Management

20% of the project cost w/out a Property management contract
Guarantee: If the alternative solution does not meet the following conditions we will waive our fee
1. Solution must resolve the specific failure that caused the system to go down
2. Solution must be 1/2 the cost or less of the customer’s original bid

Sometimes we are not the best fit for your project, we will let you know!

Closed Loop Heat Pump Systems
Heat Exchangers
Cooling Towers
Rotating Equipment
Sanitary/Sewer Lines

The Fleming Rental Office
An aerial view of two matching multi-family homes.
An aerial view of a neighborhood filled with large single-family homes on cul-de-sacs

No Hidden Fees, No Extra Charges

Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward. We take a percentage management fee of the gross collected receipts. No rent collected, no management fees charged. We prefer to keep our interests aligned with our clients however we can.

We make our deliverables clear to our clients before they contract with us and maintain transparency throughout our relationship. We charge no additional fees outside the standard pricing schedule keeping things simple and aligned with expectations.

We structure our pricing with long term partnerships in mind

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